Tree Avenger


Quest Name: Tree Avenger

Requirements: Level 34+


      200,000 XP
      Tiamary's Key (Used to open the chest next to her)

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Tiamary Graziel(35.7S, 36.3E),Yaosenji


Tiamary Graziel tells you,
"Thank the heavens, help has arrived! Just last night, as I was tending my garden, I heard the most terrifying crunching sounds coming from the direction of my precious bannyok orchard. I raced over and found a Kallikan named Cunning Tom sniggering over the gnawed remains of my largest tree. I raced at him with my broom, but he vanished into the hills to the north, to rejoin his foul brethren, no doubt! Oh my precious bannyok, imported at such great cost! They were all I had to remind me of home. You must seek him out and destroy him before he returns to polish off the rest of my orchard! Do this great favor for me, and I shall reward you."

Cunning Tom can be found near (31.4S, 37.6E) with 3 Kallikan creatures near him.

sCunning Tom

Once you have killed the Cunning Tom return to Tiamary Graziel(35.7S, 36.3E) in Yaosenji to gain access to the loot chest.

Tiamary Graziel tells you,
"Ah, the savior of my precious trees returns! Allow me to reward you, for you have done me a great service today. Here is the key to my chest - you may take whatever reward you like from it."

Tiamary's Key

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab