Skyport Maintenance


Quest Name: Skyport Maintenance (Group)

Requirements: Level 40


      % based XP: 3,176,449 XP Max

Time Limit: 12 Hours

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Aua Netaona(30.5S, 33.5E), Caelrin Skyport, Main Platform


Aua Netaona tells you,
"Hail, adventuring one! Feel safe from the Olthoi up here on the Skyport, do you? Such confidence is misplaced. Olthoi flyers have been known to carry soldiers of their kind and drop them upon us! Fortunately the designer of the Skyport prepared for its defense by mounting these special crystals which hurl death at perceived dangers. For good or ill as some have found..."
"Well, I prefer to view the gourd as half full and think of these defense crystals as a positive thing. Yet we are in peril because the crystals could be failing and salvage may be beyond the skills of the servitors. Some of us who are studying the Skyport have determined what is necessary to maintain the crystal defenses."
"A vital ingredient is an egg shard from the Nest of Auraken. Yes! It is nearby on this island! Worry not, the Gromnatross is long gone. Hee hee, should I see it coming, however, I will shout out to you!"
"The shards are fossilized and must be combined with stibnite. We discovered how the Empyreans were processing this- there is a mine on the east side of this region where they obtained the stibnite. The mine houses an alembic which they apparently used to distill both substances and create an infusion. When you find the alembic, apply the egg shards and then the stibnite to it. Then bring the infusion to me. You will be rewarded for this task."

You have been tasked to collect a Fossilized Gromnatross Egg Shard and Stibnite, then use the alembic to merge the two.

Travel to (28.5S, 39.7E), here you will see Fossilized Gromnatross Egg Shard's scattered on the ground, pick one up and your quest will advance.

Fossilized Gromnatross Egg Shard

Next travel to (30.8S, 46.0E) and enter the Banderling Hold Door, use the following map to guide you to the location to collect the Stibnite.

Banderling Hold Map


Once you have gathered your Stibnite, you will need to continue deeper into the cave to the end, here you will find a Alembic. Hand both the Fossilized Gromnatross Egg Shard and the Stibnite to the Alembic to recieve the Crystalline Infusion.

Crystalline Infusion

Once you have collected the infusion return to Aua Netaona(30.5S, 33.5E) on Caelrin Skyport's Main Platform to recieve your reward.

Aua Netaona tells you,
"Excellent! Here is your reward. I beleive we may need more of this in about two days"

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab and Xendrane