Seige Stores(Group)


Quest Name: Seige Stores(Group)

Requirements: Level 30


      % based XP, 12,518,366 Max
      30,000 XP bonus for each additional Aluvian Flat Bread Turn in

Time Limit: 10 Hours

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Torgara(30.5S, 34.2E), Caerlin Skyport, Main platform


Torgara tells you,
"Hello, adventurer. You may think this Skyport is but an aerial wonder to gawk at, yet it would serve as a safe haven should the Olthoi swarm assail all of Knorr again. To that effect we must prepare for this eventuality by keeping the storehouse full of necessary supplies."
Torgara tells you, "If you help in this endeavor I will reward you! Food is important. This note will show you how to grow a certain grain which can be made into bread!"
Torgara tells you, "Try to stay alive. We need supplies, not tales of how pretty the lifestones are!"

Seige Stores Instructions

Siege Stores Instructions
Our research has led to the discovery that the Empyreans were skilled at efficient agriculture- we have discovered they cultivated a very fast-growing variety of grain. It is called Quatrid grain and the seeds may be found in tunnels on an island west of the Skyport location.
The seeds will grow very rapidly but only when planted in soil specifically tailored to them. The seeds themselves can help direct you there! The Empyreans were extremely clever, it is clear that sufficiently advanced agricultural techniques are just like magic! Try to utilize the seed packet and it will indicate if you are within proximity of the proper agricultural zone. If so, the seed may be planted successfully. If not it should indicate generally which direction to go, though you cannot be extremely far away for it to do so.
Be warned that monsters prowl these agricultural zones and they have no desire to allow us to grow food for our benefit. Thus you must protect the plants while they grow!

Once the plant is mature it may be harvested. As edible foodstuffs are required, bring the Quatrid wheat to a baker who resides in this region.

This quest will require you to have a fellowship, the respawn rate of the Scraven in the dungeon is very quick and will be untolerable at level 30. Enter the Scraven Dungeon Door located at (29.6S, 25.8E).

Scraven Dungeon Map

Once inside you will have to fight your way through Vemak Scraven, Lukn Scraven and Chelak Scraven. Follow the map above until you reach the Seed Chests, loot the Quatrid Seed Packet from the chest then portal out and return to Skyport.

Quatrid Seed Packet

Once back at Skyport double-click the Quatrid Seed Packet in your Inventory. Use the in-game text prompts to guide you where to plant the seeds.

Once the seeds have been planted your task is to defend them. The plants will be attacked by several waves of Chelak Scraven, Banderling Mangler and Grizzled Monouga. You can focus on a plant to know how much time remains. Once the count down timer reaches zero they will have matured and you will be able to pick them up. Pick up all that remain.

Quatrid Grain Sheaf

Once you have collected the Grain travel to Yeosenji, make your way up the hill to Tretna Byer(36.1S, 36.6E) and hand her the Quatrid Grain Sheaf and she will hand you Aluvian Flat Bread. Hand her the additional Grain.

Tretna Byer tells you,
"Ah, some fine wheat. I will be but a moment..."
"Here you are. This should help in supplying the Skyport storehouse."

Aluvian Flat Bread

Return to Torgara(30.5S, 34.2E) on Caerlin Skyports Main platform. Hand Torgara the Aluvian Flat Bread.

Torgara tells you,
"Thank you <playername>! This will go in the storehouse right away. Unless I eat it first. Surely you know I am joking! Here is your reward."

If you have the additional Aluvian Flat Bread hand the rest to Torgara for the bonus XP.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab