Map Quest


Quest Name: Map Quest

Requirements: Level 45, but not intended until 60+


      Unknown XP

Time Limit: 36 Hours

Reset Timer: Unknown

Start Location: Latara Locke(30.9S, 33.9E), Caerlin Skyport, upper platform.


Latara Locke tells you, "I believe my great, great grandfather would have loved it here... Oh, hello! My name is Latara Locke. I am a cartographer for the Explorer Society. I must say I do enjoy it here. From a good height, one can study the lay of the land and for one of my avocation that is quite a happy thing! I encourage you not only to explore the continent but also to try your hand at cartography while you do so."
"Here is a fine quality parchment, but you will need a quill and ink. I left a cache of quills and ink in a chest in each region of Knorr for students of cartography. By the time you would reach a cache you should have sufficient knowledge of a region to draw that region on your map
"I have found that there are essentially five regions of Knorr and each seems to increase in danger. The Wilds here are the least dangerous- you should begin here. When you visit a cache and add that region to your map, go then to the next region of greater peril. Thus, you visit each cache in turn."
"When you have completed drawing all the five regions of Knorr on the map bring it to me. I will examine it, return the map to you and then reward you. Of course, it will take you some time to complete the map as you may not be powerful enough to venture to all the regions yet. That is fine, you should always be able to find me here."

Blank Parchment

You have been tasked to find and retrieve Quill and Ink from each region to produce a map of Knorr. This quest is not intended for a low level to complete and would not be advisable to attempt until 60+ due to some of the areas you must search to find these Latara's Map Caches. Once you find a Cache use the Quill and Ink on the Blank Parchment to advance the quest and upgrade the Blank Parchment to a Incomplete Map of Knorr.

Will update as Cache's are found, If you know the location of a Cache please let us know on the Forums.

Quill and Ink Knorr The Wilds, (33.8S, 47.9E)
Quill and Ink Knorr The Foundries, (Small island off northeast of Foundry region), surrounded by undead Guards
Quill and Ink Knorr The Estates/Gardens, (on a island far south near penensula that looks like a Anchor)
Quill and Ink Knorr The Ramparts, (46.1S, 26.0E)
Quill and Ink Knorr The Desolation, (South of Lyceam, along the coast)

Latara Locke tells you, "Your draughtsmanship is of good quality. More attention to line weight would improve it but it is acceptable. Here is your map and your reward."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab, Info provided by Daisy Deadpetals