Magma Golem Madness


Quest Name: Magma Golem Madness

Requirements: Level 50+


            % based XP - 0.5% needed to level
            Adrienne's Key

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Adrienne Starael (33.2S, 52.9E), Jethrics Outpost on southern hill


Adrienne Starael tells you,
"Greetings, traveler. Back in the days when Atlan's Foundry was at the height of its glory, we Empyrean created the golems to perform minor tasks of hard labor. Now that we've returned after our centuries in the shelters, we've found that our Golems no longer heed our call. There is no doubt that the centuries have taken their toll on their minds, which were quite small to begin with. The Red-Hot Magma Golem in particular seems to have gone especially amok. It is certain that it will undermine the very foundations of the Foundry if left unchecked. I would appreciate it if you would see to it personally that this golem is destroyed. I lost sight of it in the southwest canyons of the volcano - you should start looking for it there."

You have been tasked to kill the Red-Hot Magma Golem. Travel to (35.1S, 58.6E) on your way to this location be cautious of the Group creatures in the area as you go here. Red-Hot Magma Golem has several guards that should be killed before focusing on the boss. Once you have made the kill the quest will advance, make your way back to Adrienne Starael(33.2S, 52.9E) at Jethrics Outpost to complete the quest.

Adrienne Starael tells you,
"I knew I brought my troubles to the right person. I can sleep better at night know that that magma golem is now out of commission. Please accept the key to my chest with my thanks. Anything that you find in there is yours to take."

Adrienne's Key

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab