Quest Name: Legion of Doom (Group)

Requirements: Level 55+


            % based XP - 4% needed to level
            2x Lodestones

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: 6 Day Reset

Start Location: Malatawa (51.9S, 39.2E), Inside Fort Strathelar


Make sure your members stay together, even when more than one group is involved to reduce the chance that people will not get an advance or not be able to get items needed.

Malatawa tells you, "You're an adventurer, aren't you? We don't have nearly enough troops in this area yet, and I'm all out of scouts. Maybe you can help me out with a little reconnaissance work."

Talk again to advance.

"Thank you for your time. I've been going over our scouting reports for this region, and they mention a new Olthoi mound around 51S, 31E. Olthoi activity in this area was supposed to be pretty minor, due to the Shield Wall, so this might be important. I want you to go in there and check it out. Let me know if you find anything interesting."


Have everyone set their Lifestone at Fort Strathelar you will recall to here several times. Make your way to the Olthoi Mound cave at (50.3S, 31.1E). Have all Fellowship members enter at the same time especially Tank class, Olthoi may attack you once you have entered. Once the area is cleared, double-clicking the Support Pillar will advance the quest.

Recall your Lifestone and speak to Malatawa (51.9S, 39.2E), Inside Fort Strathelar.

Malatawa tells you, "Please go talk to the Gear Master."

Now speak to the Gear Master (Downstairs). He says you need to search for a gear that works near the Shield Wall to open a door to the Gearknight dungeon.

Gear Master tells you, "What? Knorr in ruins? Monsters everywhere? No wonder I haven't received any orders or maintenance request for 300 years!"

"The Olthoi are tunneling their way under the Shield Wall? This is terrible. If they manage to get past it, Knorr might be completely overrun! You must stop them. It may be that one of the reserve gear companies is still waiting in their vault. If you can activate them, you may be able to stop the Olthoi sappers by ordering the legionaries to countermine the Olthoi tunnels.

Go to our forward fortifications, look for outpost sites which have a large gear on a pedestal. The pedestal can be used to summon a portal to the underground storage facility. If you find a functioning company, return to me with the news."


Travel to the Gearknight Dungeon at (52.5S, 32.1E), double clicking the pedestal will portal you inside. DO NOT attack the Gearknights, ignore them and continue forward to a " T " intersection. Take the stairs on the left down and speak to Gear Captain Ratchet.

Gear Captain Ratchet tells you, "Sir! 3rd Gearknight Assault Legion, Strike Company Artefon, Captain Ratchet commanding. Status: in reserve. Awaiting activation orders."

Use your Lifestone recall, and speak with the Gear Master (Downstairs) at Fort Strathelar.

Gear Master tells you, "Ah yes, the 3rd Assault Legion. Formally known as the Legion Consecrated to the Inevitable Doom of the Olthoi and the Propagation of Civilization Throughout Auberean, but we just call it the Legion of Doom for short. Anyway, listen up. Normally, of course, a Gearknight unit is perfectly capable of functioning without the constant need for human orders, but the company you've found are in reserve and its officers have turned off their volition controllers. In order to give orders to those troops, you'll need the Command Baton for their legion. Hopefully the batons are still in the armory someplace. There may be a number of batons there -- you want the one marked 3AL. I'll open the armory door for you."

Your task now will be to retrieve a Baton 3AL (Only one is needed for fellowship quest advancement). Enter the Armory by way of the door on the left of the Gear Master. Head to the front hall, then to the room in the northeast. Kill the 3 Gearknights and loot a Key. Head to the Locked Door to the north and use the Key on the door to enter. Once inside go left and pick up the Baton 3AL.

Baton 3AL

Lifestone Recall or walk back to the Gear Master (Downstairs) in Fort Strathelar. Gather your group together near the Gear master before handing in the Baton 3AL or they will NOT get the advance and you will have to redo this part of the quest again.

Gear Master tells you, "Good job. Next you'll have to program the baton. I've configured the gears to 'set strike target'. Return to the location you wish the strike company to destroy, use the baton on a suitable landmark, and then give the baton to the company centurion. Unfortunately, reserve troops commanded in this manner often find it difficult to perform multiple tasks at the same time, so they will not be able to defend themselves very well from any olthoi who may respond to the attack. I suggest you and your fellows follow the Gearknights to their target and take care of any olthoi there while they do their work."

Now go back to the Olthoi Mound (50.3S, 31.1E), once everyone is inside use the Baton on the Support Pillar like a key. Travel back to the Gearknight Dungeon (52.5S, 32.1E), once everyone is inside speak with Gear Captain Ratchet.

Gear Captain Ratchet tells you, "Command baton accepted. Processing order sprockets. Orders found. Proceed to strike point. Countermine Olthoi tunnels. Sir! For honor and Artefon!"

"3rd Assault Legion Strike Company Artefon! By the numbers! Portal activation on my mark.... Activate portals!"

Ratchet will summon a portal to the Olthoi Mound, if you are accompanied by more than one fellowship Ratchet will not respawn in the original location again for approximately 5 minutes, the first group should use the portal then exit the mound until the second group arrives within the mound.

Your task now is to use the Baton on the Support Pillar, this will begin the assault of the Gear Knights on the Support Pillar, Defend them until the task is complete.

Once the Support Pillar dies a cutscene will begin. DISBAND the group before returning to Malatawa (51.9S, 39.2E), Inside Fort Strathelar to complete the quest or you will not recieve the Lodestones as part of the reward.

Malatawa tells you, "Amazing! What an incredible tale of bravery and valor! Well, you have done us all a great service. I may not have many troops here, but I do have a few discretionary resources to allocate. Please accept this as a reward for your service."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab