Infiltrate the Nursery


Quest Name: Infiltrate the Nursery

Requirements: Level 65+


            % based XP - 1.5% needed to level
            2 Tessera

Time Limit: 3 Hours

Reset Timer: Unknown

Start Location: Shi Kelinua (), Shield Wall


Shi Kelinua tells you, "The One Queen only allows the strongest of her Princes to become consorts, if you kill the current ones it will take some time before she selects new consorts.
If we can slow her down enough, we may be able to restore the tenuous balance between the Olthoi and the Falatacot in this region."

Speak with Shi Falitea to purchase the Infiltrate the Nursery Orders.

Shi Falitea tells you, "A young warrior under the tutelage of Shi Kelinua."

Return to Shi Falitea and hand them the orders to receive the quest.

Shi Kelinua tells you, "Steel yourself friend, for this task will likely test you to your very limits."
"As you well know, the Olthoi here have overcome the Falatacot and driven them back to their Tower. Without the pressure of the Falatacot bearing down on them, the Olthoi have begun to breed at a frightening rate and threaten all of Knorr."
"You must enter into the ancient Lyceum and slay the One Queen's consorts. There will be at least 3 such consorts, perhaps more, within."

Travel to The Nursery Dungeon at location (70.6S, 26.6E), kill as many eggs as you can find then, return to Shi Kelinua to recieve your reward.

Shi Kelinua tells you, "You have done it! You have destroyed the Queen's consorts! Please accept the standard reward and this tessera as a thanks for your efforts."

2x Tessera

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab