Gearknight Rumble


Quest Name: Gearknight Rumble

Requirements: Level 60+


            % based XP - 2% needed to level

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Gear Master (51.9S, 39.2E), Inside - down northern staircase.


Gear Master tells you, "Now that you organics are back on Knorr, I've finally been able to start dealing with the problems of the few surviving Gearknights. I've heard that two units of Gearknights are fighting each other for some reason. These aren't just a few poor deranged rogues, they are apparently organized military units."

"It's odd that Gearknights are fighting each other, but without access to my maintenance shops, it's even stranger that they can keep it up. Combat damage should have disabled them all long ago. It's possible that they've come up with some method to repair themselves in the field. This is of great interest to me, but I'm stuck here at the fort. I wonder if you can go investigate the situation, and see if you can figure out what is going on. I'm sure a functioning unit of Gearknights would be of great assistance to Dereth in reconquering Knorr."

"Please head out to the battle site to investigate. I believe it's in the vicinity of 50S, 46E."

Travel to the Gearknight fighting Pit at (49.9S , 45.7E). Speak to one of the NPCs on top of the pit to advance the quest.

Your next task is to collect parts from the dead MKII Strike Legionaries, the best way is to use your mount to quickly run down into the pit and collect them while mounted. Be careful they have a very short respawn timer, if you recieve aggro from them run out. You will need to collect 6 different specific types so make sure to have enough bag space, you will collect junk items while looting but you will want one of each of the following.

Cogitator Gear
Drive Unit
Integrator Cog
Lubrication Fluid Pump
Thrust Rod
Universal Joint

Once you have all the items return to Fort Strathelar and hand the items to the Gear Master (51.9S, 39.2E), Inside - down northern staircase to advance the quest.

Gear Master tells you, "Gearknight parts can be built into systems using the Assembly Unit. Pairs of systems then combine to make devices." "Try to get some more Gearknight parts and assemble a gizmobulator."

You will then learn three new recipes. Cogitator System, Drive System, and Gearknight Device System.

First create a Cogitator System using the correct parts you collected:

Cogitator Gear Cogitator System
Integrator Cog
Lubrication Fluid Pump

Next create a Drive System using the correct parts you collected:

Drive unit Drive System
Thrust Rod
Universal Joint      

Now create a Gizmobulator from the two Systems you previously created:

Cogitator System   Gizmobulator
Drive System

Once you have Crafted the Gizmobulator hand it to the Gear Master to complete the quest.

Gear Master tells you, "Interesting. I'll have to try to figure this thing out. It might improve life for Gearknights everywhere. Thank you <playername> you've done a great deed!"

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab