Foundry Mushroom Hunt


Quest Name: Foundry Mushroom Hunt

Requirements: Level 50+


            % based XP - 6% needed to level
            Creme of Mushroom Stew

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 31 Day Reset

Start Location: Vendor 18 (32.2S, 51.9E), Jethric's Outpost


Vendor 18 tells you, "Bzzt. Greetings visitor. Please consume this unit's tasty mushroom stew. Bzzt. This unit regrets that no stew is currently available. Bzzt. Please supply stew ingredients. Bzzt. Share and enjoy!"

You can try to target them from a safe distance and use your mount to enter some of the pack groups that guard them this sometimes can allow you to gather the mushrooms without combat. In his region many of the pack groups are undead and you can use a Rattle of Blind Death to avoid being attacked. It is advised to keep a few Bloodstone Ichors with you.

The first of the mushrooms you will go to is the Chrone Cookies (35.4S, 52.6E), guarded by a Merciless and Ruthless Warath pack. Some can be individually pulled. Use the trees to help prevent getting overwhelmed by ranged attacks.

Chrone Cookies

The next one you should go after is the Ivory Mucor (29.8S, 57.4E), guarded by Lich and Lich Lords, combat can be avoided by use of a Rattle of Blind Death. Activate the rattle, then use your mount to ride in and pick up the mushroom.

 Ivory Mucor

Then travel to the portal to Vothardun () enter the portal and head to the Foundry Gates, enter the gates and imerge on the other side if you have completed the Foundry Gates quest. Make your way to the Hot Truffle (33.9S, 61.7E) which is located very close to the Atlan's Foundry. These mushrooms are guarded by soloable Magma Golems, use the surrounding houses to kill one at a time. If you do not have the Foundry Gates quest done there is a way to reach these mushrooms by dropping down into the valley behind the House of Omikesh, you will of course need to portal out in some nature afterwards.

Hot Truffle

Make your way next to the Reaper Head Mushroom (36.0S , 59.6E), use a Rattle of Blind Death and mount up to rush in and grab the mushroom. The mushroom is guarded by Dark Revenants which are Group class creatures, do not attempt to solo them.

Reaper Head Mushroom

The final mushroom Dreamcaps (30.7S , 64.2E) are on the eastern side of the region on the center small island within the ria (natural Harbor). Approach this mushroom from the north side of the island, the mushroom is guarded by Coral Golems that can be soloed.


Once you have all five mushrooms return to Vendor 18 (32.2S, 51.9E) at Jethric's Outpost and hand him each of the five mushrooms.

Vendor 18 tells you, "Thank you. Bzzt. Mushroom submission accepted. Please talk to this unit again to receive stew and recipe."

Speak to him again to recieve your reward.

Vendor 18 tells you, "All ingredients for Cream of Mushroom Stew have been registered. Stand by for stew recipe and sample."

Creme of Mushroom Stew Increases health by 200 points for 2 hours

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab