Exterminate the Iridesent Soldiers


Quest Name: Exterminate the Iridesent Soldiers

Requirements: Level 38


      % based XP: 1,600,000 XP Max

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Storm Hanlin(30.8S, 34.6E), Caerlin Skyport, main platform.


Storm Hanlin tells you,
"There are extremely dangerous phythos wasps out there in the wilderness. The Knorr Expeditionary Forces would like to commission you to exterminate them before they start to encroach on our towns."

You have been tasked to kill 10 Iridesent Soldiers, These are soloable and a group should not be required. Once you have killed all ten return to Storm Hanlin(30.8S, 34.6E) on Caerlin Skyports main platform for your reward.

Storm Hanlin tells you,
"The Knorr Expeditionary Forces thank you! Here is your reward."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab