Destroy the Cahi Takeru


Quest Name: Destroy the Cahi Takeru

Requirements: Level 65+


            % based XP - 2% needed to level

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Onakhe (51.5S, 39.4E), Fort Strathelar


Onakhe tells you, "The early Tumerok settlers of this lands abandoned their Takeru when they withdrew to the shelters before the Devastation. In the ages since, the Takeru have forgotten us. We have returned, but the Takeru no longer answer to our call. Instead, they attack all who approach them. It is with great sadness that I must ask you to help us to destroy them, before they can cause greater harm to our people."

Your task is to kill 20 Cahi Takeru, which can be found in the majority of the southwest of the Ramparts region. Once you have completed this task return to Onakhe (51.5S, 39.4E), at Fort Strathelar.

Onakhe tells you, "What a sad fate to befall our once-faithful servants. Nevertheless, a task that had to be done. Allow me to reward you for your efforts, friend."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab