Combat Archaeology


Quest Name: Combat Archaeology

Requirements: Level 60+


            % based XP - 4% needed to level

Time Limit: 5 Days

Reset Timer: Unknown

Start Location: Elspeth Arden (39.9S, 45.4E), The Aerie


Gather a full Fellowship for this quest with each of the primary abilities(Heals, Tank, Debuff, Mezz, Damage Dealers).

Elspeth Arden tells you, "Here's the deal. Through my -- research, shall we say -- I've discovered that the famous wizard Ogorin Horath cached a number of his treasures in a vault somewhere in this region. He hid a map to the vault broken up into many pieces. My informant, I mean, my research indicates that these pieces were secreted in a number of the ruins scattered around this island, north of the Shield Wall."

"Unfortunately, these ruins tend to be inhabited by monsters, guarded by evil creatures, or otherwise inaccessible to me. You, however... You might be able to make it. Anyway, give me 10,000 coins, and I'll let you know the first place to look."

Each member needs to purchase 12 tools from Elspeth Arden, these tools are required to dig at the archaeology location.

Elspeth Arden tells you, "Excellent. The first cache is around 39.0S, 25.2E. You'll need some special pickaxes to get at it. The old stone is very strong, though, so you'd better take a bunch, as they tend to break. Here's half a dozen to start with. If you need more, I'll sell you 12 more for 5,000 coins."

Your task is to collect six fragments and return to her after gathering the first one. Travel to the first location (39.0S, 25.2E) and gather the required item. Clear the Irontooth and Plains Matron from around the dig point before attempting to excavate using the tools. Once you have collected the first Fragment return to Elspeth Arden () at The Aerie and hand her the item.

Fragment 1

Elspeth Arden tells you, "Good, good. You'd better keep this, till you find all the other map fragments. Oh yeah, there's one little problem I forgot to tell you about -- I have no idea where the others are. Hey! Don't get so upset! I'm sure the other pieces are in this region somewhere, just hunt around all the ruins. There's bound to be a bunch of other lost loot scattered around, you get to keep it all, if you just find the map!"

Here, let me tell you how to put the map fragments together. Don't forget, give me 5,000 coins whenever you want to buy some more pickaxes."

The remaining Fragments can be gathered in any order you choose.

Head to the second location(42.4S, 44.9E), which is guarded by Iron Colossus. Once you have cleared the area, use your pickaxe on the second site and loot Fragment 2.

Fragment 2

Go to (47.9S, 39.8E) kill the Ebon Workers and Swarm Drone Nymph's. Once you have cleared the area, use your pickaxe on the third site and loot Fragment 3.

Fragment 3

Head to (42.4S, 32.9E) kill the Toxic and Virulent Grievver guards then use your pickaxe on the fourth site and loot Fragment 4.

Fragment 4

Travel to (45.6S, 30.6E) and enter from the South side kill the group mobs around entrance and go to the middle. The Ebon Queen will be the hardest to deal with due to the ranged attacks you will recieve from Ebon Piercers and Soldiers on other platforms. Once you have cleared the area, use your pickaxe on the fifth site and loot Fragment 5.

Fragment 5

Head to (51.5S, 32.5E) kill the guardian Laes Takeru's, once you have cleared the area, use your pickaxe on the final site and loot Fragment 6.

Fragment 6

After you have all 6 fragment use the recipe to craft the map with all 6 pieces. Craft the map and hand it to Elspeth Arden to advance the quest.


Elspeth Arden tells you, "Great! You completed the map! But as I said, I'm afraid the vault might be too dangerous for me. Why don't you go loot it yourself, and then when you're done we can go over your findings."

Travel to the Ancestor Head at (42.3S, 38.4E), and hand the completed map to the Ancestor Head to enter the dungeon. Take all lefts until you reach a misty room with two halls. Head right to find a key. Now backtrack to the misty room take the left passage to a locked door, use the key on the locked door.

Beyond the locked door is a Level 75 (Solo Class) boss, kill it and loot a key that opens the Hoard Chest. Each member of the group will need a key. Return to Elspeth Arden (39.9S, 45.4E), at The Aerie to complete the quest and get your XP reward.

Elspeth Arden tells you, "Ha! You've done all the work, and I'll get all the loot! Have at you,<playername>!"

Defend yourself, she will disappear moments later then return, speak to her again.

Elspeth Arden tells you, "All's fair in love and looting, eh,<playername>? I was lucky to get back to my lifestone -- you were just a bit tougher than I bargained for. Well, maybe the next sucker will be easier to take...."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab