Battlefield of Dreams


Quest Name: Battlefield of Dreams (working out quest details)

Requirements: ??


            ?? XP - 0.5% needed to level (values need checking)

Time Limit: Unknown

Reset Timer: Unknown

Start Location: Drop Item, "Gear Badge #?????"


Go to Fort Strathelar and enter the main building (51.8S, 39.3E) and hand the Gear Master on the Bottom Floor the strange Gear Badge.

Gear Master tells you, "Thank you. Hm, there is something strange about this badge. Almost as if... I wonder. There is something about the badge that reminds me of our unfortunate last commander, General Lord Byros. Perhaps you should hold onto this badge, as it may have some greater significance than the others."

Locate the ghost of General Lord Byros in Fort Strathelar on the Top Floor and give him the unusual badge. The badge will pass through him. Offer the badge once more to the ghost of General Lord Byros.

"A spark leaps between the badge and the ghost! Swirling magical energy pulls both of you into a strange distorted portal...."

"What is going on? Where are you? What does this place have to do with the ghost of General Lord Byros?"

Slay the Nightmare Gears to charge up the Gear Badge

"On the death of the strange gear legionary, the badge begins to glow. Interesting...."

As you continue to kill more Nightmare Gears "The badge glows brighter!"

Continue to energize the badge by defeating Nightmare Gears.

"There is a flash of light, and the badge flares up with a brightness oddly similar to that of the strange portal in the center of this place."

Hand the Gear badge to the strange portal.

General Lord Byros tells you, "Thank you, friend. I have been trapped in a strange and hellish existence for longer than I care to think about. Perhaps now I can finally know some rest. The Light be praised!"

Use the portal to return to Fort Strathelar and complete the quest.

Misc. Information:

Write-up unfinished - working out quest details.. if you have info on this quest please contact me  

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab