Apprehend Servitor Santos


Quest Name: Apprehend Servitor Santos

Requirements: Level 37


      400,000 XP
      Dron's Key

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Dron Apfel(30.5S, 34.3E), Skyport Upper Level


Dron Apfel tells you,
"We were forced to leave this majestic port in our capable Servitors' hands when the Olthoi peril forced us to retreat to shelter of portal space. On our return, we found that over the eons something has gone awry. Centuries of time away from their true masters must have caused the Servitors to lose grasp of their ancient responsibilities. Some even whisper that our servants have gone mad. The one named Sanatos has aroused my suspicions in particular. I caught him tinkering with the Skyport's aerivator magics just the other day. I sent him on an errand down beneath the city, but that was merely to buy time as I looked for someone to aid me. You must help me remove him, or I fear his tinkerings may cause our fair city to crash to the ground."

Travel to the ramp leaving the Skyport and walk to the Eli coupon vendor, from here head north to (29.8S, 33.9E). Kill Sanatos and return to Dron Apfel(30.5S, 34.3E) on the Skyport Upper Level to recieve your reward.

Dron Apfel tells you,
"Well done, adventurer. The Skyport is now safe, thanks to you. Allow me to present you with this key. You may take whatever suits your fancy from this chest here beside me."

Dron's Key

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab, Buffy Summers