Sword of the Doomed Hero


Quest Name: Sword of the Doomed Hero(Group)

Requirements: Level 50+


      10,000,000 XP For Swordbearer
      5,000,000 XP for Fellow members "Protect the Swordbearer"
      Hero Sword

Time Limit: 2 Hours

Reset Timer: 2 Days Reset

Start Location: Vargil Darkener(15.1N, 45.8W), northeast of Star Shrine


Vargil Darkener tells you,
"At last a hero comes to my aid. In ages past, the Darkener family was powerful in the councils of the Shadow Kingdom, and we were entrusted with many ancient magics. The Archons somehow learned of this, and came to my brother Marak, and demanded the arcane secrets. When he refused, they summoned up an Empowered Warath which slew Marak's wife and young children, forever severing their lifestone bindings. Marak swore revenge, and using mighty spells, created a sword into which he placed all the hatred of his impassioned soul. He intended to slay the vile Warath, but the enchantment finally weakened his frame, and I fear he lies dead in the beast's dark dungeon. Please, find the sword, slay the Warath, and return it to me so that I may free my brother's tormented soul.

I must warn you, the power of the sword is such that it will weigh terribly on your shoulder until you return it to me; you had best go with friends who will be able to protect you after the beast is slain. If you should fall, or use a portal, my brother's soul will not be able to be extracated from the sword, so you must return to me directly without using a portal once you retrieve the sword and slay the Warath."

Only the person speaking with Vargil will receice the quest everyone else in the fellowship will get a quest called "Protect the Swordbearer". Only the quest starter gets a sword as a reward. If you use a portal, die or disconnect during the quest the quest will fail.

Go down the left side of the dungeon to collect the sword needed to kill the Empowered Warath. The swordbearer is burdened by the weight of the sword his run speed is greatly reduced so all fellowship members will need to stay with him.

Sword of the Doomed Hero

Travel up and down the right side of the dungeon until you reach the level 70 Empowered Warath. Only the Swordbearer should go near him no other fellowship member should attack for any reason. Once the Swordbearer hits him with the sword, it will instantly die, if anyone besides the swordbearer attacks or casts on him he will wipe the group. Once the Empowered Warath dies, other creatures will spawn all around you including the Undead lord Quaestor. Clear these creatures and  Make your way back out to Vargil Darkener(15.1N, 45.8W) and give him the sword.

Vargil Darkener tells you,
"Thank you! The sword is whole! The monster is destroyed! My brother's spirit is safe! Please wait while I perform this short ritual."
"The sword has been cleansed. My brother's spirit is free at last! Please accept the blade with my deepest thanks!"

When you go to exit be ready for multiple creatures(Noble grubs, fetid Perchers, and a Weeping Bloodstone).

Hero Sword Damage: 256-320
Combat Delay: 8
Vigor Cost: 8

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab