Hoard of the Wild Carenzi


Quest Name: Hoard of the Wild Carenzi

Requirements: Level 55+


            % based XP - 3% needed to level
            Mining Panpipes Recipe (Carenzi Craft Pet)

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Fidget (10.9N, 49.3W), east of the Star Beacon on Arramora


Fidget tells you,
"Ho! You like carenzi? You do! Want one? I help!"
"Wild carenzis like nuts. Many nuts! Carenzis hide nuts in wild. Many hoards!"
"I find hoards, take nuts. Feed carenzis. Carenzis stay. Carenzis find mines!"
"Now. You take map. Find nuts! Come back, you show me! Yes!"

Open the Fidget's Chest located next to Fidget and retrieve Fidget's Map.

Fidget's Map

Use the map to guide you to the location of a Stump. Most players should start upon the southern portion of the Central Plateau near the ruins. Make sure you clear the area before using the map each time as once you open the stump if you have to inadvertantly exit the loot window the Stump will disappear even if you have not looted it. Loot the Large Nut, then return to Fidget (10.9N, 49.3W) east of the Star Beacon on Arramora and hand him the Nut to advance the quest.

Large Nut

Fidget tells you,
"Tueet! Now... You like carenzi? Carenzis like nuts. You choose. Feed favorite carenzi. Nut! Feed! Yes!"

If your quest does not advance speak to Fidget once more. You will now choose which Carenzi you wish to have by giving the Large Nut to it.

Crystal Mining Carenzi
Iron Mining Carenzi
Silver Mining Carenzi
Stone Mining Carenzi
Wood Mining Carenzi

Fidget tells you,
"My favorite too! You take recipe. Make pipes. Call carenzi. You see?"
"Now, you feed peanuts, you keep Carenzi happy. Carenzi happy? Carenzi help you mine. So fast, so powerful, so many traits! So long!"

Your quest will complete once you have given the nut to the chosen Carenzi. You will also recieve 20x Peanuts that you can feed your pet with to increase your mining amount slightly over its base amount of potential from 1.25 to 1.5 with the Mining Carenzi active. You can purchase Peanuts from Cedar in Shoushi, or Trader Stix in Drudgerton.


Open your Skills Window, Select the Craft Tab, scroll down to the bottom and select Quest Recipes, in the list you will find Mining Carenzi Panpipes open this section and you will find the panpipes that matched your selection and will cost 10,000 Gold but requires no resources to make.

Crystal Panpipes
Iron Panpipes
Silver Panpipes
Stone Panpipes
Wooden Panpipes

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab