Fracture the Bone Golems (Group)


Quest Name: Fracture the Bone Golems (Group)

Requirements: Level 55+


            % based XP - 4% needed to level

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Vreema (10.4S, 32.0W), Linvak Tukal


Vreema tells you,
"Geraine’s ancient golems still maintain their centuries-long vigil over his eternal rest. Their small minds cannot grasp that their master’s tomb has long since been empty. This is a most unfortunate situation for our mining crews, who have been sent up to the island to survey the land for precious resources. We’ll have to clear them out, the sooner the better. Are you up for the task? "

You have been sent to kill 10 Bone Golems. These are Group level creatures and will require a fellowship. Bone Golems can be found on and around the mountain ridge of the northern central plateau. You can reach the Central Plateau by using the Eastern Portal from the Star Beacon, once in the eastern area travel west and make your way up the mountain using the ramp. Note: Shattered Bone Golems do not count towards this quest

Once you have killed all ten return to Vreema (10.4S, 32.0W) in Linvak Tukal to recieve your reward.

Gregor Adulen tells you,
"Impressive! Allow me to reward you for your bravery and persistence. Miners across the world will thank you for making their lives safer as they travel to Arramora."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab