Quest Name: Annihilation

Requirements: Level 45+, Hero


            0.5% XP needed to level, 7.5 Million for Non-Group Max Cap, 35 Million for Group Max Cap

Time Limit: 2 Hours 30 Minutes.

Reset Timer: 3.5 Days Reset Each

Start Location: Slay a Gem Holder Creature and loot his accociated Portal Gem


Once you have slain the associated Named Creature loot his Portal Gem to open a portal. Those Assigned as Group, you will need a fellowship to clear the dungeon. All fellowship members must be sharing XP for quest advance.

Portal Gem
Portal Gem

Use the following chart of named mobs and associated Annihilation quest.

Gem Holder Quest Name Kingdom Solo/Group
Traumatized Rabid Mosswart Annihilate the Olthoi Slaveherder None Solo
Frothing Mosswart Slave Annihilate the Olthoi Mosswatcher None Solo
Unleashed Deranged Lasher Annihilate Rumpus the Thornling Harraser None Solo
Jangled Shock Reaper Annihilate Ivorin Splinterlegs None Solo
Pilgrim of Isishaa Annihilate the High Priest of Isishaa None Solo
Ascetic of Isishaa Annihilate the Adept of Isishaa None Solo
Algid Rime Golem Annihilate the Abominable Ice Golem None Group
Chip the Bone Golem Annihilate the Skull Collector None Group
Procuring Virindi Observer Annihilate the Tinker Dominion Group
Aurulent Exarch Golem Annihilate the Ochroid Margrave Golem Order Group
Unfathomable Abyssal Shadow Annihilate the Shadow Adumbris Shadow Group

Once you have killed the associated creature the quest will advance and you will gain your XP reward.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab